Chris Brown – Angel Numbers (Long Version)

Chris Brown - Angel Numbers (Long Version)

Chris Brown – Angel Numbers/Ten Toes (Long Version) Lyrics Mp3 Download

Artist Name:

Song Title: Angel Numbers/Ten Toes (Long Version)


Genre: Pop

Released: 2024

Popular singer, songwriter, and musician Chris Brown is back with a brand new song sure to get you moving, titled “Angel Numbers/Ten Toes (Long Version).”

This vibrant song boasts a captivating sound that will surely have you grooving. Add it to your playlist and experience it for yourself!

Chris Brown‘ talent is on full display in this infectious melody, a guaranteed great pleasure for fans and music lovers.

Angel Numbers/Ten Toes (Long Version)” by Chris Brown is rapidly gaining traction across various music digital streaming platforms like, Apple Music, Audiomack, Spotify, and Series.

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Chris Brown fans, you won't want to miss this song. Its energetic vibes are sure to brighten your day.

Quotable Lyrics & Meaning From Chris Brown's Angel Numbers/Ten Toes:

Reflective and remorseful:

  • “Thank you, I lost my way somewhere and now another galaxy / Too much to take, these memories end in tragedy”
  • “Gotta move energy on me. Baby, all I really need's one thing” (This line hints at seeking positive change)

Resilience and perseverance:

  • “Heavy stepper, I got too much weight on this. You can see the diamonds, don't complain on this” (This portrays strength despite burdens)
  • “I'm movin' steady… You can't buy success, ain't got no sale on it. You know that God did, he never gon' fail on us” (Highlights belief and determination)

Duality of wealth and pressure:

  • “Too much paper, got me thinkin' I'ma save all this” (Money brings both security and temptation)
  • “Anxiety. Don't let the pressure get to your head”

Walking the tightrope of fame:

  • “The streets crazy, they don't love me no more” (Shows the fickle nature of fame)

  • “Walkin' ten toes. I be paranoid, but nobody knows” (Captures the isolation that can come with stardom)

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